SanDisk Clip Jam 8 GB MP3 Player – Black Review

SanDisk Clip Jam 8 GB MP3 Player - BlackBring all your Songs with you
Take the SanDisk Clip Jam 8 GB MP3 Player – Black anywhere. Simply clip it on and listen to countless your preferred tracks. Offered in five attractive colours.

User-Friendly Easy Navigation
A brilliant, clear one inch screen as well as big navigating switches make it simple to drag, drop and play music documents, produce playlists as well as see just what’s playing now.

Wear up to 2,000 songs
SanDisk Clip Jam includes 8 GB [1] of memory, sufficient for around 2,000 tracks [2] But it additionally comes with a microSD card port [3], creating even more space for your songs.

Delight in Radio, Sound Books and also A lot more
SanDisk Clip Jam 8 GB MP3 Player – Black can play your whole music collection in great deals of various formats along with radio, audio publications and even more.

Deep, Rich Sound Top quality
When you use a music player this commonly, you’ll desire it to sound this abundant, deep and also exciting.

As much as 18 hrs * of Listening
One single cost. That’s all it requires to offer you up to eighteen hrs of listening to your music

* Based upon constant playback at 128 kbps MP3. Actual life as well as efficiency may vary after use as well as setups; battery is not changeable.

Play Sound Files in Lots of Popular Formats
Just drag, drop and also play the songs you intend to listen to – whether they’re MP3, WMA (no DRM), AAC (DRM-free iTunes) and Distinct (DRM only). It’s so very easy to utilize.

[1] 1 GB = 1,000,000,000 bytes. Actual customer storage much less.
[2] Based upon 3.5 minutes. tracks. Approximations: outcomes could differ based on documents attributes as well as other factors.
[3] Card not consisted of; marketed independently.

Basic as well as inexpensive mp3 player, expanding with a microSD card, which works extremely well. It has tiny size and also a hassle-free clip. Controls are fundamental and also easy to operate.

These SanDisk Clip Jam 8 GB MP3 Player – Black are truly well made and also job as a USB flash drive so you could just replicate your files throughout without needing to utilize itunes or any software program. Easy and also efficient design. It likewise has audiobook and FM radio includes as an included bonus offer. Very recommended if one has merely to listen to mp3.

This is an economical MP3 gamer and also no question you’re considering the SanDisk Clip Jam for that very reason and also be asking yourself whether it’ll last due to the fact that it so inexpensive. Well, the solution is that so far, after over a year, the Clip Jam is still working well and has been difficulty free.

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  • Lightweight wearable personal music player
  • 8 GB internal storage, and comes with a built-in microSD card slot
  • Big, bright readable screen and large navigation buttons
  • Up to 18-hour battery life

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